10 Best Calendar and Appointment Booking WordPress Plugins

Are you planning to integrate online appointment booking into your business? Do you want the best calendar and appointment booking WordPress plugins? Then, this guide is for you!

It is critical to take a close look at the features of every WordPress booking plugin. You will gain the necessary functionality and flexibility to grow your business in return. Once you find the right one, customer retention is easier to achieve.

This guide will reveal the top 10 calendar and appointment WordPress plugins to you.

1. StartBooking 

Price: Individual – $12/month, Business – $28/month

StartBooking is one of the most potent 59-lifetime more powerful WordPress booking plugins available on the market. You can download and install it easily to manage all your service appointment requirements.

It offers a clean customer-facing interface from which they can choose from the services list with available dates and times. Once your customers are ready to book appointments, StartBooking captures their information and ensures a professional booking experience.

You can also integrate StartBooking with Stripe to capture online payments for every appointment booking. It also ensures easy payment processing. This WordPress booking plugin also increases conversion. It converts the users directly to the website they visited and trust.


  • Easy Google Calendar integration 
  • Fully customizable and easy to configure
  • Handles group and class booking 
  • No overlapping appointments 
  • Books and manages unlimited appointments 
  • Access to critical booking analytics 

2. Easy Appointments 

Price: Free 

Easy Appointments is available in more than 21 languages. You can even optimize this powerful WordPress booking plugin for mobile devices. It allows you to embed forms and calenders into your WordPress pages and posts with a shortcode.

Additionally, you can easily set the hours and days available for customers to book. Then, the booking appointments automatically sync with the Google Calendar.

You can turn on different notifications if changes are made, including reminders, cancellations, service change, topic, location, provider, time, and date.


  • Multiple locations, services, and workers 
  • Creates time slots by connection worker, service, location, and time/date
  • Flexible time table 
  • Provides email notifications 
  • Offers single and two-column responsive Bootstrap layouts
  • Custom form fields

3. Amelia 

Price: Free, $59 lifetime license

Amelia is another powerful WordPress booking plugin that is easy to use. It works round-the-clock to ensure that the customers can make appointments. It also allows your customers to pay online or offline.

You can take advantage of it for free, making it suitable for small businesses. However, if you are a larger business, the paid version with a lifetime license is a great option.

This booking plugin offers lots of built-in functions. It provides reliable SMS notifications, allowing you to instantly connect with your customers and employees. Through the Google Calendar Synchronization, your employers can keep track of their personal Google calendar appointments.


  • Multiple business locations 
  • Keep customers and employees updated on the appointments in real-time 
  • Adds multiple employees with customized days off and working hours 
  • Configures date ranges and specific dates with various schedule 
  • Two-way Google Calendar Integration for employees 
  • Offers diagrams and graphs for different business performance KPIs
  • Adds discount coupons 
  • WooCommerce integration 

4. JetAppointment 

Price: Design Plan – $49/yearly (1 website), Multi-tool Plan – $69/yearly (1 website), Ecommerce Plan – $69 (1 website)

JetAppointment offers lots of flexibility to customize the front-end booking form. Besides the easy-to-style booking forms, it also comes with filtering options for customer use.

This appointment and calendar booking WordPress plugin support Woocommerce integration. It is fully comprehensive and easy to install. It also synchronizes with Ical, Integromat, Zapier, and Google Calendar.


  • Allows to set working hours and days off 
  • Supports multiple services and locations 
  • Buffers time options before and after the sessions 
  • Allows to use single forms 

5. BooklyPro

Price: Free, $89 one time payment 

BooklyPro is a top choice if you require lots of assignable back-end booking features. It allows your employees to stay on top of the upcoming appointments, thanks to the automated notifications. It also enables the employees to connect their Google Calendars to different booking services.

This booking plugin lets you manage multiple bookings with ease. If you are driving a growing team, this is a perfect solution. While you can use the free plugin version, the paid version is a better choice if you want to access advanced booking features and support.


  • Attractive front-facing design and booking forms 
  • Integrates with WooCommerce and Google Calendars 
  • Fully responsive booking features 
  • Built-in analytics and lots of booking statistics 
  • Works on any screen size 
  • Offers connectivity to multiple third-party systems 
  • Accepts payment through different payment getaways, such as PayPal and Stripe

6. Team Booking 

Price: $28/month

Team Booking has a fully responsive design that easily integrates with Google Maps. It offers a robust set of features and a pre-appointment approval system. Its shortcode system enables you to place multiple functionalities into the booking system with a simple click.

This affordable WordPress booking plugin allows you to connect with different payment platforms, including PayPal and Stripe. It comes with three built-in formats: regular front-end calendar, unscheduled services, and upcoming events.

Since it offers excellent flexibility, you can add multiple fields. You can also collect customer data quickly. Every time your customers want to reserve time slots, you can incorporate maps. 


  • Accepts payment through PayPal and Stripe
  • Separates schedules based on how many service providers and employees are
  • Integrates with Google Calendar
  • Very affordable
  • Modern and beautiful booking forms with minimal steps 
  • Maps are integrated into the booking forms 

7. LatePoint 

Price: $79/month

LatePoint is one of the most intuitive and most straightforward bookings and appointment plugins. You can create Zoom meetings for booked appointments automatically. It allows you to chat with customers to answer their questions regarding the arrangements and send them reminders and SMS notifications.

Your team can customize their appointment and schedules available through their dashboards. The setup process only takes less than five minutes to complete. Once installed and set up, you can start creating agents, setting working hours, and adding services.

Additionally, your customer can log in with popular social networks to pre-fill the personal information. After creating an account, they can start managing their reservations online.

Overall, Latepoint is a must-have booking plugin. You can rely on its modern and clean admin dashboard to easily control customers and services and see agent performance reports.


  • Connects employees to the zoom accounts and creates zoom meetings automatically 
  • Supports multiple payment processors 
  • Easy to use employee personal dashboard 
  • Allows to chat with customers and send downloadable files 
  • Features timezone selector to work with customers worldwide 
  • Provides reminders and SMS notifications 
  • Allows to login with social networks 

8. HBook 

Price: $59/month 

HBook allows you to create booking forms and availability calendars to accept online reservations. It offers lots of flexibility and functionality to set seasonal rates. You can also set discounts for cleaning fees, minimum stays, more extended stays, etc. 

This top-rated WordPress booking plugin is ideal for people who own a business in the hospitality industry, including campgrounds, holiday apartments, hotels, B&B, to name a few. It features a drag-and-drop form builder, allowing you to choose which customer details to connect.

You can synchronize your bookings with different websites, including Booking.com, VRBO, HomeAway, and Airbnb. The shortcode support enables you to add booking forms, table rates, and availability calendars anywhere on the WordPress website in a matter of seconds.


  • Calendar view to see available bookings with ease 
  • Has reservation table to view details of all bookings, changes accommodation, and add comments 
  • Multiple payment methods, such as Mollie, Cardlink, Square, PayPal, Stripe, etc.

9. BirchPress 

Price: Personal – $99, Business – $199, Business+ – $29

BirchPress is perfect for those who want to capture credit card and PayPal payments hassle-free. This reliable WordPress appointment and booking plugin makes the payment process easy for you. If you do not wish to use the PayPal payment gateway, you are free to capture payments with other gateway options with WooCommerce integration.

If you operate a business in the health and wellness, salon and beauty, automotive, fitness, or healthcare industry, BirchPress is an excellent option. It helps make the scheduling process easy. It keeps all the appointment processing straightforward right from the WordPress dashboard.


  • Advanced customization features 
  • Easy appointments customization and sign up from configuration 
  • Sends emails and reminders when someone cancels, changes, or schedules an appointment 
  • Integrates with Google Calendar, Android, iPhone, or Outlook to import and export appointment dates 

10. Boulevard 

Boulevard is a trusted WordPress booking plugin that simplifies and connects complex workflow in a single dashboard. It accelerates productivity with precision scheduling.

This booking plugin for the WordPress website enables you to customize campaigns and appointments with detailed customer profiles. You can turn data into valuable insights using customizable reports. It stores customer history and offers convenient communication while eliminating manual tasks.


  • Connects and simplifies complex workflows in one place
  • Accelerates productivity with precision scheduling 
  • Activates customer retention through personalized appointments 
  • Customizable reports for easy performance analysis 


A WordPress booking plugin is more than just a calendar with a form. It comes with features that can improve your overall business operations. It helps streamline the workflow while increasing customer satisfaction. Choose from the above options and make a big difference.

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