6 ways to download Twitter videos on your iPhone

Love a video from Twitter and want to save the clip locally to your iPhone’s Photos app or Camera Roll? Check out these six easy ways to download Twitter videos on iPhone and iPad for free.

How to download Twitter video on iPhone

1. Use an iOS shortcut to save a Twitter video

Ease of use: 9/10

Are you someone who makes a lot of memes, does video editing, and Twitter is your primary source of clips? If yes, you will like this excellent iOS shortcut by Saif Al Falah. Here’s how to use this easy iOS shortcut to quickly download Twitter videos offline and save them to the iPhone Photos app:

1) Visit the TVDL v3.1 shortcut link and tap Add Shortcut. If you’re on the older iOS 14 or earlier, allow untrusted shortcuts before tapping the link.

2) Open the Twitter app and tap the share button > Share via > TVDL v3.1. If you’re using Twitter in an iPhone browser, tap the share button > Share Tweet via > TVDL v3.1.

3) Tap Allow Once or Always Allow.

4) Choose the desired video quality, and you’re done!

The video is downloaded from Twitter and saved to your iPhone’s Photos app.

iOS Shortcut to save Twitter video on iPhone

2. Use AnySave to download Twitter videos

Ease of use: 9/10

1) Download AnySave from the iOS App Store.

2) Go to the Tweet that has the video you want to download and tap the share icon > Copy Link or Copy link to Tweet.

3) Open AnySave, and it should automatically paste the Twitter video link from your iPhone’s clipboard. If it doesn’t, use Paste From Clipboard or paste the link manually.

4) Tap Save.

5) Go through the basic T&C screen and allow the app to access your Photos app. You have to do this the first time only.

Done! Open your iPhone’s Photos app to find the downloaded Twitter video there.

Use AnySave to download Twitter videos on iPhone

3. Use Safari to save Twitter video to iPhone Photos app

Ease of use: 8/10

If you occasionally download Twitter videos, there isn’t a need to keep your iPhone’s local storage occupied by an extra app. You can follow these steps instead:

1) Go to the Tweet in the Twitter app or browser, tap the share button, and copy its link.

2) Visit Downloader For Twitter in Safari on iPhone, paste the Tweet link here, and tap the enter or go key on the keyboard.

3) Scroll down and tap Download next to the desired video quality.

4) Tap Download.

5) Tap the blue download arrow in Safari’s address bar and choose Downloads.

Download Twitter video using Safari on iPhone

6) Tap the downloaded video file.

7) Tap the share button, and from here, you can send the video via other apps or tap Save Video to have it in your iPhone’s Photos app.

Save Twitter video from Safari on iPhone

4. Use Safari and picture in picture

Ease of use: 6.5/10

In case the above website doesn’t work for you, follow these similar steps with a little change:

1) Copy the Tweet link that has a video.

2) Visit Twitter Video Downloader or TW Saver in Safari and paste the Tweet link here.

3) Tap Download.

4) Scroll down and tap Download Video.

5) The video will start playing immediately. Tap on the screen and then tap the Picture-in-Picture button.

Twitter video downloader on iPhone

6) Tap the share icon and select Save to Files > choose a location > Save.

7) Now, open the Files app > Browse and go to the folder where you saved the video. From here, you can tap the video and play it or tap the share button and send it via other apps. To transfer the video to the Camera Roll, tap Save Video on the iOS Share Sheet.

Save Twitter video downloader on iPhone

5. Use a third-party iOS file manager app

Ease of use: 6.5/10

In the above methods, we used a Twitter video downloader website in Safari to download and save the clip. You can also use the same website in file manager apps like Documents. If you’re someone who downloads a lot of Twitter videos and wants to keep them in a separate app, follow these steps:

1) Get the Documents app from the App Store, open it, and finish the basic setup.

2) Open Twitter and copy the Tweet link that has a video.

3) Come back to the Documents app and tap Browser.

4) Search for Twitter Video Downloader and choose the twittervideodownloader.com result.

5) Paste the Tweet link here and tap Download > Download Video.

6) Rename the file if you like and tap Done. The Twitter video will start downloading. You can tap the arrow button to see it.

To share it, tap the folder icon from the bottom left to return to the main screen. From here, tap Downloads to see and share the video clip.

iOS file manager app to download Twitter videos on iPhone

6. Use Twitter bots

Ease of use: 5/10

Finally, you can also use one of the many Twitter video download bots to help you download a Twitter video without manually searching for any website or downloading an app or iOS shortcut.

Here’s how to use SaveVidBot to download Twitter videos on iPhone:

1) Go to the video Tweet you want to download.

2) Below that Tweet, type @ and tag SaveVideBot.

3) Once the bot replies with a download link, tap it. If you’re using the Twitter app, tap the tiny Safari icon to open the download page in the Safari browser instead of the Twitter app’s built-in browser.

Twitter bot to download video on iPhone

4) Tap Download.

5) Tap the share icon > Save to Files > Save. If the video starts playing, tap the Picture-in-Picture button and tap the share icon to save the video. (These steps are the same as shown in the methods above.)

Built-in Twitter download option

By now, you know six different ways to download Twitter videos on your iPhone. Use any method that appeals most convenient and suitable to you.

The official Twitter app on iPhone or Android or the web version doesn’t offer a way to download videos. You can easily save photos from a Tweet but not a video. Hopefully, along with an edit button, we can someday get an official, in-app option to download Twitter video memes and clips! Until then, the jailbreak community might have something for you!

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