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Boost Your Team’s Best Practices With These 8 Internal Communication Tools

Your brand is only as successful as it can be when your team has seamless communication.

While it can be difficult to decide on the best practices for your team, it doesn’t need to be difficult to select the best internal communication tools. The better the tool, the easier it is for everyone to get the job done on time.

This post will cover some of the best internal communication tools available on the market.

Let’s dive in!

1. Fleep

  • Tool Type: Messaging, File Share, Task Management

With Fleep, your team will have all of its communication and task management in one platform.

Rather than needing to email one another back and forth, you can simply send messages. There are even options to ensure the top messages are easily available.

Task management is made incredibly simple in Fleep. Team leaders can assign tasks and employees can easily log their time, files, and more.

Team files can be made available to everyone or those on the project. Any comments on projects are kept separate from the main messages, to ensure everyone stays on the right track.


  • Free
  • $5 for Business
  • Contact for Enterprise

2. Troop Messenger

  • Tool Type: Communication And Collaboration

Unlike some internal communication tools that require users to connect their personal data, Troop Messenger is designed for teams in business.

This helps limit distractions and end that all employees are focused on the task at hand.

Employees and team leaders can set up one-on-one video calls, group calls, and chat rooms. Screen sharing is made simple on this intuitive platform. Additionally, employees’ locations can be shared.

Better still, cloud file sharing is available on Troop Messenger. The platform seamlessly integrates with a number of file-sharing programs.


  • $2.50 for Premium
  • $5 for Enterprise
  • $9 for Superior

3. Yammer

  • Tool Type: Enterprise Social Network

Built on the principles of dynamic communication, Yammer allows teams to seamlessly communicate without having to leave the Office 365 suite.

Similar to teams, employees can speak with one another or hold department wide calls.

Yammer allows team leaders to build communities. This ensures similar departments are grouped together, should any individuals need to communicate with one another. Teams can easily communicate and provide feedback on current project progress.

Price (Available with Office 365 Plans):

  • Office 365 Business: $8.25 per user/month
  • Office 365 Business Premium: $12.50 per user/month
  • Office 365 Business Essentials $5.00 per user/month

4. Bit.AI

  • Tool Type: Cloud-based Collaboration

This platform is designed for cloud-based collaboration. Document sharing, workflow management, messaging, library sharing, and more are all included with Bit.AI.

Brands can even upload their complete brand guidelines and individual files to ensure the team has the exact files they need when requested by clients, new outlets, and PR firms.

Bit.AI is incredibly similar to Google Drive. The main difference between the two is Bit.AI has a cleaner user interface.

This ensures employees can focus on exactly what they need to focus on when they are logged in to the platform.


  • Free
  • $8 for Pro
  • $15 for Business
  • Contact for Enterprise

5. ProofHub

  • Tool Type: Collaboration, Communication, Proofing

ProofHub eliminates the need to rely on long email threads to complete a project. It also gets rid of being needlessly copied on emails that do not pertain to you.

With ProofHub, clean and structured discussions can be developed for each milestone of the project. Individual employees can be tagged to ensure they are notified of comments.

With ProofHub, team leaders can have confidence in their workflow management.

Multiple management charts are included in ProofHub, which allows each team to follow project progress in the visual aspect that makes the most sense to them.


  • $45 for Essential
  • $89 for Ultimate Control

6. Zoom

  • Tool Type: Internal And External Video Communication

Zoom has risen in popularity after the Work From Home movement began due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This video conferencing software can be used on the web or on the go. For many teams, Zoom has ensured communication remained seamless during uncertain times.

Zoom makes it easy to hold 40 minutes or fewer calls with numerous individuals.

Employees can join by the web, the app, or by phone. Each person has the ability to mute themselves, chat in the messages, and share files with the entire group.


  • Free
  • $149.90 for Pro
  • $ 199.90 for Business
  • $300 for Zoom United Business

7. Conceptboard

  • Tool Type: Digital Whiteboard

Some teams still need to use a whiteboard to have effective internal communication.

However, the modern version of a whiteboard is a virtual digital canvas available through Conceptboard.

This unlimited digital landscape allows teams to work through simple and complex ideas in addition to sharing new thoughts.

With Conceptboard, teams can communicate in the same room or across the world with one another.

There is no need to worry about dry erase markers running out, and all information recorded on Conceptboard is immediately backed up.

This means if a team loses power or Internet, their thoughts are still available online. This also ensures teams can easily share thoughts with other members of the teams and even clients if required.


  • Free
  • $6 for premium
  • $9.50 for Business
  • Contact for Enterprise

8. Airtable

  • Tool Type: Collaboration And Project Management

Unlike some internal communication tools, Airtable is designed to create seamless communication between teams, departments, and entire enterprises.

With Airtable, employees can easily log their work time and upload their completed files. The platform ensures teams do not need to switch between multiple apps to complete their communication duties.

Team leaders can focus on task management and verifying work has been accurately completed. Feedback is organized in comments on the tile they are assigned to.

Furthermore, reports can be created to understand employee productivity and communication.

Airtable can be used for individual teams or combined to create the best communication policies throughout the company.


  • Free
  • $10 for Plus
  • $20 for Pro
  • Contact for Enterprise

Whether your team is working from the office or working from home, internal communication tools are crucial for maintaining productivity throughout the year.

Regardless of how the work environment shifts, our best email marketing tools can help you and your team stay up-to-date on projects. With these tools, you will never have to wonder who is working on what aspect of the project again!

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