Chrome WebNotes Stylize will improve snippet sharing on Android

Google continuously work on adding new features to their Chrome browser. These new features first release in Chrome Canary for public testing. One such feature was Privacy Review that we covered a few days ago.

In today’s finding, we discovered a new flag in Chrome Canary 93.0.4537.0 version. It is going to sort of revolutionise the way we share text snippets from Chrome browser.

I tried enabling the flag and then tested the feature. It is currently under development and not fully working but the feature seems interesting.

We tested WebNotes Stylize feature in Chrome by enabling the Chrome flag named #webnotes-stylize. Here are the results:

As you can see in the video, when you select and share a text snippet. It shows you additional option in the share menu.

It looks like an image created from the text you selected and ready to share. A pretty feature for Chrome users coming soon.

Chrome WebNotes Stylize
Chrome WebNotes Stylize

As of now, the WebNotes Stylize feature is not fully functional. I hope Chrome improve the feature and launch it soon in the stable version for everyone.

WebNotes Stylize

Allows users to create and share stylized webnotes. – Android


How to test it on your own?

  1. Install Chrome Canary 93.0.4537.0
  2. Search WebNotes Stylize Flag
  3. Enable WebNotes Stylize Flag
  4. Relaunch browser
  5. Select a Text snippet from an article or website
  6. Share it and tap on “Stylise Highlight”

Now, it will create an image with your quote.

It is not available to everyone. Only Chrome Canary testers can use this feature. Let’s wait for Google to ship Chrome WebNotes Stylize to stable version.

You can install the latest version of Chrome Canary from Google Play Store and other websites like APKMirror and APKPure.

I hope you found this article interesting about the Chrome WebNotes Stylize feature. Please do share this article on social media. If you have any suggestions or questions then, please ask in the comments section below. Follow us on Twitter for the latest news and updates regarding Android and Google. Thanks for reading.

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