Google Search Console’s video indexing report now live for all

In May, Google teased a new video indexing report in Google Search Console, then in July the report started to roll out to some properties, the search company announced. Now, the report is fully live for all properties where Google can detect video on the site, the company just announced on Twitter.

What is the video indexing report. The video indexing report shows how many indexed pages on your site contain one or more videos, and how many of those pages a video could be indexed. Google said the report can help you understand the performance of your videos on Google, and identify possible areas of improvement.

What it looks like. Here is a screenshot of this report for one of my sites in Google Search Console:

Google’s announcement. Here is the tweet where Google announced this:

When the report shows. Google said if Google detects videos on your site, the Video indexing report will appear on the left navigation bar in the coverage section. If Google has not detected a video on your website, you will not see the report.

What it tells you. The report shows the status of video indexing on your site. It helps you answer the following questions:

  • In how many pages has Google identified a video?
  • Which videos were indexed successfully?
  • What are the issues preventing videos from being indexed?

In addition, if you fix an existing issue, you can use the report to validate the fix and track how your fixed video pages are updated in the Google index, Google explained.

URL Inspection tool for video pages. Google also also enhanced the URL Inspection tool to allow you to check the video indexing status of a specific page. When inspecting a page, if Google detected a video in it, you will see the following in the results:

  • Details such as the video URL and the thumbnail URL.
  • The page status showing whether the video was indexed or not.
  • List of issues preventing the video from being indexed.

Why we care. If you host videos on your site or embed videos on your site, you will want to check out this report to see if there are ways to improve those videos or help other videos to show up in Google Search. Videos are an important aspect of search traffic and visibility in Google Search.

There are a lot more details on this new report in this Google help document.

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  1. Átláthatatlan és értelmezhetetlen a videó indexelés lényege, vagy az, hogy mit kellene javítani. Nem ad pontos és egyértelmű segítséget a google. Ráadásul a beágyazott YouTube videó ha korhatáros, akkor nem is enged YouTube indexképet, bár én tudok generálni, de az számára nem látható és nem értelmezhető. Szóval egy részletes magyar nyelvű segítség sokat segítene. A google magyarázatok nem értelmezhetőek.

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