Has your iPhone 13 shipped yet? Here’s how to track it the right way

Apple has already begun shipping iPhone 13 and 13 Pro preorders ahead of their official debut on Friday, September 24. However, it takes Cupertino a long time to send out shipping notifications.

If you’re tracking your iPhone 13’s preorder status through the Apple website or Apple Store app, chances are you’re still seeing a “preparing to ship” notice. But in actual fact, it’s likely your new handset has already begun its journey to you. Here’s how to find out if your new handset is on the move.

How to track your iPhone 13 preorder

A number of iPhone 13 adopters have noticed that their new handsets are now on their way when tracked through UPS, which provides a more accurate representation of their shipment’s location (unlike Apple).

To try it out yourself, you can sign up for the UPS My Choice platform or enter your shipping number on the UPS website. This is usually your phone number or your Apple order number without the last two digits.

If your new iPhone is scheduled to arrive on Friday, you will likely find it has already been transferred by Apple and is now in the hands of UPS. But don’t worry if yours hasn’t moved yet; some take a little more time because there are so many to process.

This doesn’t mean some iPhone 13 units will arrive early. Apple works closely with UPS (and other carrier partners outside the U.S.) to ensure that no handsets are delivered before their official launch date.

Track your iPhone to your door

Still, it’s neat that you can track your iPhone’s journey from an Apple distribution center (or even an iPhone factory in some cases) all the way to your door. While you wait, there are some things you can do to prepare for your new device.

Pick up a case and screen protector for your new phone before it arrives so that you can keep it protected and looking pristine from day one. Also note that new iPhone models don’t with a charging adapter, so you’ll need on of those.

Nearer to your delivery date, ensure your old iPhone is backed up so that you can transfer all your data to your new device and nothing gets lost. If you’re selling or trading in your old phone, be sure to wipe it before you send it off.

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