How to Delete Koo Account

Koo App is an alternative to Twitter, a micro-blogging platform. It was developed during a worldwide rage against China due to multiple reasons. Everyone was right away wanted to ban Chinese app and wanted to build their own homemade alternatives. Koo was one of the apps that came out of this rage against Chinese tech giants.

At the time of its launch, the app was flooded with users and everyone started bragging about the Koo app on their WhatsApp and even on Twitter. But, later on, the app was found to have some Chinese connections. Apart from that, the app was full of bugs and basic features were working. It made people quickly leave the platform faster than the rate people joined this platform.

Here’s one of the bugs that I personally faced and forced me to leave the platform:

If you want to permanently leave the platform, I will share the steps to delete Koo account. You can just follow those steps and delete Koo account permanently.

How to Delete Koo Account?

To delete Koo Account, follow these steps:

  1. Open Koo App and Navigate to Koo Profile sectionDelete Koo Account
  2. Tap on the gear icon to open Koo App Settings
  3. Tap Delete option under Account SettingsDelete Koo Account
  4. Confirm to Delete Koo Account permanentlyDelete Koo Account
  5. Koo Account will be deleted in 30 daysDelete Koo Account

Note: You can come back and log in to recover your account before 30 days and it will be reinstated. But after 30 days, the Koo account will be permanently deleted.

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