How to test HarmonyOS Public Beta?

Now you can test HarmonyOS Public Beta. Huawei was preparing for the launch of HarmonyOS after the ban. They finally released the HarmonyOS on June 2. I had high expectations from Huawei, but they did not live up to those expectations. Android Authority said in a report that HarmonyOS is basically a clone of Android 10 with EMUI and a few tweaks. They found that HarmonyOS is using Android code and components.

Huawei released their HarmonyOS on 2nd June. It will be shipped to Huawei phones very soon. We’ve posted a list of devices that will get the HarmonyOS after the initial release.

In this article, we will guide you to test HarmonyOS Public Beta. HarmonyOS BETA is now finally released in China for Public testing. Let’s have a look How you can test HarmonyOS Public Beta.

Tutorial in Short
  • Must have a Chinese Model of Huawei
  • Install My Huawei App
  • Download and Install HarmonyOS Public Beta

How to test HarmonyOS Public Beta?

To test HarmonyOS Public Beta, you must have the following. These are the prerequisites to test HarmonyOS Public Beta:

  1. The Chinese model of the Huawei Phone
  2. My Huawei App
  3. Internet Connection: Mobile Data or Wi-Fi

HarmonyOS Public Beta can be installed if you own a Chinese model of Huawei phone. If you own a Chinese model of Huawei phone, you’re good to go.

First, you need to install the My Huawei App. You can download the My Huawei app from the preferred App store. After installing the My Huawei App, you’ll need to launch the app. If your device is supported, you’ll get an option to install the all-new HarmonyOS.

HarmonyOS Public Beta

HarmonyOS Public Beta
Screenshot by Teme

After tapping on the option to install HarmonyOS Public Beta, you’ll be redirected to the Software Update page, where you can download and Install the HarmonyOS Public Beta.

The initial size of HarmonyOS is around 3GB, and according to the changelog, they have improved the swipe gestures and control center in the Public Beta release. I was hoping that HarmonyOS will be a gamechanger but as of now, it is simply a copy of Android. However, I hope that Huawei listens to the feedback and tries to improve the OS with upcoming updates in the future. Fingers crossed.

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