Marketers can now view Shopping Campaigns in Bing Ads search terms reporting

Bing Ads announced Monday that it will now include shopping campaigns in its search terms reporting grid.

Bing has offered product-focused Shopping campaign ads since 2015.

An enhanced reporting grid now includes a campaign type column in the ‘All Campaigns Keywords’ tab under which marketers can choose either shopping or search. The updated grid also includes an ‘Added/Excluded’ column to view search terms already added as keywords, or negative keywords.

Marketers can choose Search or Shopping as a campaign type in the revised reporting grid. | Bing

Why you should care

Simple ad management tools are imperative for brands who are increasingly bringing services such as advertising in house, as well as for smaller businesses that can’t afford an external team to manage their ads.

“We hope this update makes things simpler for you and allows you to save time in managing your search terms and negative keywords,” said Nahva Tecklu, program manager at Bing Ads. “This is another step in our continuous journey to save you time and provide more in-depth knowledge of our marketplace that enables you to succeed in Bing Ads.”

More about the news

  • Bing Shopping Campaigns feature local inventory ads, merchant promotions and the ability to import Google Shopping product ads directly into your Bing Ads account.
  • Tecklu said more updates are due in 2019. Bing Ads added four new columns under the Product Groups tab in April 2018, and a Performance Targets tab in November.

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