New palera1n-c v2.0.0 beta 7 build released with several improvements

Any palera1n-c jailbreak users out there are going to wake up to a pleasant surprise Tuesday morning, as the palera1n team published a new build of its checkm8 bootrom exploit-based jailbreak tool late last night.

Palera1n jailbreak.

In an announcement shared via Twitter, the palera1n team said it was releasing palera1n-c version 2.0 beta 7 and that it would incorporate the following changes:

Highlighted changes

– Fixed 16.0 beta 1 (20A5283p) not being able to jailbreak.
– Fixed Error 256/512 during rootful bootstrap installation.
– Fixed rootless --force-revert issue not being able to find boot hash.


– Added better logging for Loader.
– Added French, Arabic, Polish, German, Spanish, Czech, Swedish, Dutch, and Catalan translations.
– APT packages update on first install.
– Check if user has sideloaded.
– Fixed crashing when installing package manager on rootful for some users.
– Fixed Error 256/512 during rootful bootstrap installation.
– Fixed Input/Output Error during bootstrap installation (--force-revert).
– General code cleanup, some better practices.
– Helper moved to jbinit/jbloader.
– Nebula Keyring will be installed on bootstrap.
– Re-added alert if user has used --force-revert.

Other device-side changes

– Fixed rootless --force-revert issue not being able to find boot hash.
– Jailbreak contents such as /private/preboot/&{boot_hash}/jb-* and or /procursus would not be deleted, but is fixed in this release.

CLI changes

– Added -C, --clean-fakefs flag.
– This will revert the snapshot back to when the fakefs was first created, this will not remove the fakefs.
– This only works if a snapshot is created when fakefs is created, so it will only work if fakefs is also created with release or a newer release.
– MbedTLS was updated.

The updates to palera1n are also present in the latest version of palen1x (version 1.1.0), the bootable loader for USB flash drives that can be deployed on Windows PCs.

As the rootless dynamic becomes the way of the jailbreaking world today, it should come as no surprise that the palera1n team is also recommending switching from rootful to rootless if you haven’t already.

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While rootful will continue to be supported for the foreseeable future, it’s worth noting that most tweak developers have moved on to rootless in the Dopamine and palera1n-c world we live in today.

As always, you can acquire the latest version of the palera1n-c jailbreak tool from the palera1n team’s GitHub page or official website.

The palera1n jailbreak only supports older A9-A11 chip-equipped handsets running iOS & iPadOS 15.0-16.x, up to and including the iPhone X. To jailbreak anything newer, you should look to Dopamine instead, which supports A12-A15 chip-equipped devices running iOS & iPadOS 15.0-15.4.1.

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Are you using the latest version of the palera1n-c jailbreak tool yet? Be sure to let us know why or why not in the comments section down below.

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