Social Snap Pro WordPress Social Plugin Review

Part of a successful WordPress site is social network interaction. Tons of plugins are meant to provide such functionality, be it for social sharing, social follow or using your favorite social network to easily integrate a login. This is particularly handy when a website needs social interaction in the comments or rapid sharing of articles.

The big problem with free social plugins is that it’s a trade off. Yes, they’re free. But they often either have very limited functionality or a subpar presentation. This is why choosing a premium plugin is often best, especially if you website is your business. Social Snap Pro is one premium option. The plugin is offered as a subscription service (paid per year) and offers a tight integration of all of great services in one easy to install plugin.

Social Snap Pro features social sharing, social follow buttons, social meta tags, click to tweet, an auto poster for easy publishing to your preferred networks automatically and social login. They also promise a very interesting feature – their own social locker to lock content until a user shares it.

Social Snap Pro comes in 3 variants. Plus is $39 a year, but without the add-ons and for just 1 site. Then we have the Pro, which is the version we are going to review. Pro can be used on up to 3 sites and includes all add-ons for $99 a year. Finally the Agency plan is $299 but offers up to 15 site installations. For developers or businesses with many sites this is your best bet.

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Social Snap Pro is very useful as it comes with all the add-ons. However, this is why I think that the Plus subscription is a little too high on it’s price for social icons. The Plus version does also include analytics, social meta tags, share count recovery, and page view counters. But I think the Pro subscription it’s the best value of them all. Now let’s take a closer look at the add-ons before using the plugin.

Social Snap Add-ons

If you use the Pro version you’ll have access to all of the Social Snap premium add-ons. One available to use is Social Login. This handy add-on will let you use your preferred social network as a social login to your site. This means your readers won’t have to register on your site in order to post content – such as comments on blog articles.

The Boost Old Post add-on allows Social Snap to automatically post old articles to your preferred social networks. This can help increase visibility and traffic to your content. And the Auto poster add-on is useful in case you need to skip the manual sharing process (something that is very time consuming when you have tons of articles posted or updated each day).

As of today, Content Locker is still not available. I would love to had tried that kind of add-on as it is very useful because it forces some of your key articles to be shared in order to be read properly. I think this add-on alone is worth paying for if it’s included in the Pro subscription.

Social Snap Features & Settings

Before testing the plugin we downloaded the main file and the add-ons. The main plugin window looks like this.

There are tons of options available. While it reminds me of the old Monarch plugin from Elegant Themes, the amount of content and options here is astonishing. And the final presentation far superior to alternatives.

Social Share

On of the first options to enable is social sharing. This is done using the Social Sharing tab where you can include your preferred social networks before configuring share buttons. The plugin allows for different locations/styles such as a floating sidebar, inline buttons, inside media, share hub or a sticky bar.

Configuring the networks is super fast and easy. Everything worked just fine and in no time. Another option you can enable from here is the share count provider for Twitter.

Social Snap Pro allows for all the social networks you could imagine, at least all of the major ones.

Once your networks are configured you can opt for several locations and kind of displays from the previous menu. As you can see the presentation is rock solid.

The Share via type of icons adapts very easily on all screen sizes without having to tweak them (as it happens with some free plugins). Just configure the block type – be it rounded, circle, rectangle or slanted as well as the button size. You can also tweak the message label.

The inline buttons on the media look simply stunning and can be easily tweaked in no time. The quality of the plugin is easily seen on the amount of options, functionality and easily configurable setting. Put simply, the plugin just works.

The Share Hub allows you to have one bottom button which opens up into a “hub”. You can configure its location on pages, display all network buttons, change the appearance, enable tooltips and enable/disable view count. This makes for a very customized share hub.

The sticky bar is one of the best formats as it will “fit” your current screen and looks amazing. Now let’s see how the social follow look.

Social Follow

Social follow allows you to introduce floating buttons to display how many people follow your site. Usually you might see these on the main or home page of a website. They give a general status of the social clout of a site on all the social networks they use.

Adding each social network link is not that easy as with the social share. For social follow you do need to provide username and password for your usual networks in order for Social Snap to get your followers. It’s not a complicated process though – just takes a minute.

Social Snap Pro includes custom functions too. You can configure the amount of columns to use, change the layout of social follow, or even include the click to tweet with the follow username and manage the social metadata.

Advanced Options

Social Snap also has Analytics Tracking that you easily access via the dashboard, as well as link shortening. It even has GDPR compliance measures built-in.

On the Plugin Data page we can remove the Powered By message, hide the plugin announcements and updates and remove the related data for plugin detection. This turns Social Snap into a “blank” plugin that will not reveal any details about it to anyone outside of your WordPress dashboard, neat!

Once you have everything in place, the plugin allows you to export the settings to be imported in a later date or on other websites. This enables easy deployment of the plugin on your sites. Now that you’ve seen the core plugin features, let’s look at the Pro add-ons.

Social Login

The first add-on I’m going to show you is the Social Login. Although there are free social login plugins, what’s cool about this one is that it retains the same presentation and inner workings as the Social Snap main plugin. This makes the whole process seamless and with proper aesthetics. For fans of a unified aesthetic, this is a must. Here at WPExplorer we’re also big fans of installing one plugin for each purpose – so having a single plugin to manage all of your social media needs is a must.

The Social Login add-on does require you to configure an API ID and secret. Once setup, whenever a new reader comes to your site Social Snap will display the easy Login with button for each network you’ve added. This allows that social network to get your login data and pass it onto the website for easy registering. Once you create any necessary social networks apps (for example, here is Facebook’s guide), configuring the AppID, Secret and redirect URI is generally all it takes in order for this to function properly. Just remember to keep your Developer’s App enabled at all times inside your social network.

The social login buttons works as advertised and add a new layer of interaction to your site. Because of them, readers can share articles and easily comment without having to create a new account.

Social Auto Poster

The Auto Poster is a neat plugin that allows you to auto share your articles. This add-on also requires API access, so the previous steps involved when setting up Social Login are also useful for enabling this functionality. To make the process easier you can actually use the same API key and secret.

The auto posting works but the only drawback I ran into was that it only allows you to auto-post on Twitter and Linkedin. No auto-posting on Facebook could be a problem for some and the plugin would benefit from adding Facebook to the list.

Social Statistics

Once everything is configured and in place, we can monitor the statistics of all our posts on the Social Snap Statistics page.

The plugin displays total shares, total click to tweets and total likes as well as a chart for top performing posts. This is particularly useful if you want to know what people liked the most from your content. This information can be used to improve your content, understand your readers better and optimize your social media marketing campaigns.

Social Snap Frontend

Now let’s see how Social Snap looks. For this I’ve installed Divi with a predefined template.

Above is an example of how the left sidebar social network icons look on a homepage.

And an example of some of Social Snap’s nice rounded sharing buttons displayed on a post.

Social Snap Backend Editor

Now let’s see what Social Snap looks like on the backend. How you and/or your authors might see it.

Social Snap Pro follows the same presentation on the configuration tab and shows content options on the bottom of each post. The plugin also allows for easy disabling of share buttons on a per post basis.

Plus enabling Gutenberg does not affect Social Snap, which is great to know! In fact, the plugin includes a Gutenberg ready blocks that make it easy to insert a Click to Tweet, Social Share or Social Follow element on your posts and pages.

Social Snap Gutenberg Blocks

When inserting a new Gutenberg block simply search for “Social Snap” to insert the social option of your choosing. Then use the built-in styling options to customize your social block.

Final Thoughts on Social Snap

Let’s see how this wraps up. Social Snap Pro has a lot of good stuff going on. For starters it provides a very slick and clean interface, perfect looking buttons, tons of customizations available to the end user and the possibility to include add-ons (which, among other things includes the famous social login and auto-posting). Everything worked as advertised and the plugin has one of the best presentations i’ve seen for social sharing buttons. The social login add-on is one of the best features the plugin has to offer in my opinion. This in combination with social share and social follow turns Social Snap into an awesome package. The social auto-posting add-on could definitely include more networks (because as it is, it seems very limited) but it’s still useful.

The inclusion of the social locker could definitely turn this package into an all around winner. But without it or other available add-ons, the basic package likely isn’t attractive enough for the majority of users. Social Snap needs to build more add-ons for Pro users, and either include at least 1 add-on or reduce the price of the Plus subscription to be more competitive with free plugins (even their own free version of Social Snap). I think if Social Snap did improve add-ons, specifically the auto-poster, then it could easily compete with SNAP Pro from NextScripts (a long time top auto-posting plugin).

In my opinion Social Snap is targeted at websites that require the absolute best presentation, consistent social network services that works (without depending on a free integration or plugin) and of course, good statistics. Social Snap has all of that. But the price of the Pro subscription and the need for that subscription in order to get access to all add-ons may dissuade some. If Social Snap could launch more add-ons or reduce the price this would be an absolute winner. As it is now, presentation and functionality alone, Social Snap has no match. If you are willing and able to invest in your business then go and get it. You won’t find any other plugin for WordPress with comparable functionality and the same clever, clean and sleek design.

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