Video: Alan Rabinowitz on nofollow links and affiliate links

Alan Rabinowitz, the CEO of SEO Image, and I got together in a socially distant way to talk SEO. We spent the first part of our talk going through some of Alan’s history in the search marketing space. But then we got into links, what links matter, what links don’t matter and how links have changed over the years.

We spoke about his thoughts around links that have the nofollow attribute on them. Alan believes, on some level, that they do pass some link value in Google Search. We then moved into the affiliate space, talking about how well affiliate sites and pages can rank, and if Google counts affiliate links or not. PBNs, private blog networks, is another topic around links but he said, do not waste your time with them. They won’t give you the long term success you are looking for. Finally, we spoke about how Google’s stance on links have changed, including widget links.

That was part one, part two is next week with some overall SEO ranking advice.

Here is the video:

If you’re a search professional interested in appearing on Barry’s vlog, you can fill out this form on Search Engine Roundtable; he’s currently looking to do socially distant, outside interviews in the NY/NJ tri-state area. You can also subscribe to his YouTube channel by clicking here.

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