Video: Part 2 with Kevin Lee on nofollows, 302 redirects, branded content

In part one of my interview with Kevin Lee, we talked about why digital PR is key for SEO success. In part two, we cover a lot more ground and dig into a ton of questions around if nofollow links and 302 redirects pass signals to Google. Is Google being truthful when it says 302 redirects pass signals along or not?

We also talk about the importance of branded content and the role it plays in SEO and organic search.

Kevin and I reminisced about the early days of affiliate marketing and how some affiliate platforms launched in order to pass direct links and signals for SEO benefit.

Finally, I asked Kevin what is harder, doing SEO or doing PPC for clients. I’d tell you his answer but I want you to watch the video to learn the answer.

I started this vlog series recently, and if you want to sign up to be interviewed, you can fill out this form on Search Engine Roundtable. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking here. I am currently looking to do socially distant, outside interviews in the NY/NJ tri-state area.

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