Vivo Tablet launching with Snapdragon 870 and OLED display

In the recent times, Android Tablet market was declining and people were moving towards iPad. But during the pandemic, people started working from home and students were studying from home. Due to this increasing demand for tablets, Realme and Xiaomi launched their own Android tablets and got a positive response.

Following their success, Hu Baishan, Vivo’s Executive VP announced in August 2021 that they are working on a new range of tablets. The company’s first tablet, according to Hu Baishan, will be released in the first half of 2022.

Vivo Tablet will be powered with Snapdragon 870

According to Digital Chat Station, a popular chinese leaker revealed that Vivo is working on a tablet series that will feature Snapdragon 870 and OLED Display.

He also revealed that more and more companies are joining the tablet market with their new range of tablets. As per the post on Weibo, new tablets from Vivo will also have a Gaming tablet looking at the success of iPad as a gaming device.

Here’s a screenshot of Digital Chat Station’s post on Weibo:

Vivo Tablet - Digital Chat Station

Translated to English:

The Blue Factory’s Snapdragon 870 tablet is also on the way. Next year, more manufacturers will enter the market to choose from, as well as fine-positioned ink screen tablets, small-size gaming tablets, super-large screen OLED flagship tablets, etc.~

~ Digital Chat Station, Weibo

Along with tablets, Vivo is also planning to launch a new health product. Mukul Sharma recently spotted a new trademark on chinese trademark website CNIPA that revealed a new product named TrueVivo coming from Vivo.

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