We’re launching Chaty for any platform!

News is out – our top-rated and most loved product – Chaty, with over 150,000+ active installations and 600+ five-star reviews – is now launching as a standalone product. What does this mean for you? You can now use Chaty on any site – not just on WordPress-, Ecwid- and Shopify-based sites.

For the past months we’ve been working hard to make this product as tailored to your needs as possible so that business owners can benefit from an easy click-to-connect tool that will significantly improve your customer service – guaranteed. The best thing about Chaty is that it requires no technical skills or experience and setting up your widget only takes a few clicks and you don’t need to read or follow complicated set-up guides.

Still not familiar with Chaty? Keep on reading to find out briefly what it is all about. With Chaty you can display all the social and communication channels you’re available on in a single, good looking and fully customisable widget. No more multiple buttons or widgets on your site that affect your user interface, no more wasting time for your customers to find your contact details. Once your customer chooses the channel they want to connect with you through, a screen that goes straight to the selected channel opens and your customer can connect you directly through that platform. You too will reply through the platform, therefore speeding up the communication.

Chaty is fully customisable and features 20+ built-in social and communication channels including a contact form and custom channels, as well as various triggers and targeting rules to personalise your widget even further.

To sum up, here’s what you can achieve with Chaty:

  • provide a speedy customer service to your clients through their favourite channels;
  • choose from 20+ channels or add your own custom channels;
  • increase your chances for leads and sales;
  • create a fully customisable widget to match your site aesthetic with all channels you’re available on;
  • add custom triggers and targeting rules depending on your business needs;
  • set this up entirely on your own with zero coding knowledge.

You can read more about Chaty, our idea and work behind it and how it can be helpful for your business in our full-length Chaty launch blog post or sign up and create your first Chaty widget for free by clicking on the buttons below.

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