Will you buy a MacBook Air with white bezels?

When the brand new 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro models were unveiled earlier this year, it went down as one of the more significant changes for the laptop lineup in ages. Yes, part of that was Apple welcoming back elements the company had decided on its own to remove. But, still. They saw the error of their ways and eventually corrected it. Hooray!

And yet, maybe Apple’s on a collision course with yet another potentially disastrous situation?

By itself, that can happen and it doesn’t seem all that strange. The rumor mill has a way of highlighting certain elements or parts or features that, on their own and without any context, seem awful. But when you get the real deal in front of you and you actually get to see or use it? Well, Apple does have a way of winning people over with the final product.

But, hot on the heels of the new MacBook Pro units that are a direct response to the criticisms, and calls for change, that flooded the internet for years, the fact that Apple is reportedly on the rails to make another crazy decision seems, well, crazy.

I’m talking about the new and upcoming MacBook Air, of course. The MacBook Pro got its big hardware change and the new MacBook Air is said to be doing the same. And it’s possible it could be an even bigger change, all things considered. A move away from the clamshell design, for one. A white keyboard for two. And no bezels at all!

I’m kidding. There are going to be bezels around the display. They will supposedly be reduced in size, similar to the MacBook Pro, but apparently they will be white. Or off-white. Not black, basically. Which has me torn, because I very much want a blue MacBook Air, but I don’t think I want white bezels.

Apple’s argument for adopting white bezels in the 24-inch iMac is that it looks better sitting in a house. A stationary machine, where the bezels will fade into the background. I’m not entirely sure that will work for a laptop, because a lot of people buy a laptop because they like to be mobile. But, maybe it will work.

Maybe this is another one of those instances where seeing the final product, in the real world, will just be better than what concept art can whip up.

I could rant a little bit about Apple’s weird decision that, for whatever reason, color means “less professional,” but I’ll leave that for another day. I’m mostly just curious to know what you think about these rumors regarding Apple’s lighter bezels on the future MacBook Air.

If the rumors pan out, and Apple does launch a new MacBook Air with white or off-white bezels, even if they are reduced, are you going to making an upgrade?

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