WPvivid Backup Plugin: A Free Tool to Transfer Your WordPress Site

If you’ve ever looked into what it takes to transfer your WordPress site to a new domain, you know it isn’t the simplest process. Without help from a plugin or your web host, it requires a lot of tedious downloading, uploading, and importing.

Fortunately, WPvivid Backup Plugin can transfer your WordPress site with a single click. In addition to providing automatic backups and one-click restore functionality, this handy plugin can also migrate your WordPress site to a new domain without all the hassle.

This post will introduce you to WPvivid and demonstrate how it can help you back up, restore, and transfer your WordPress site. Let’s get to it!

Why You Might Need a Way to Transfer Your WordPress Site

The internet is an ever-changing landscape, and sometimes your website has to change along with it. There are several reasons why it may be best to move your WordPress site to a new domain. For starters, if you’re rebranding, your old domain may no longer fit your site.

Alternatively, if you’re able to acquire a stronger domain, you may transfer your site to help it attract a larger volume of traffic under a more authoritative address. Or, you may simply need to move your website files and database from a development environment to a live site.

Lastly, in some cases, moving to a new domain could be the best solution after your site has received a large number of penalties. Starting over is sometimes better than a long and difficult recovery process if your old domain wasn’t receiving much traffic.

Unfortunately, as we mentioned earlier, transferring your site to a new domain isn’t exactly easy. Some web hosts will help you or do it for you. However, they often charge for this service or require you to have one of their more expensive plans.

Transferring your site manually is always an option, but it’s risky as well as difficult. If something goes wrong, you could lose your website. Without a backup to restore your site, migrating to a new domain could cause way more problems than it solves.

An Introduction to WPvivid Backup Plugin

This is where WPvivid Backup Plugin comes in. It’s a free WordPress backup and site transfer solution that works with any hosting provider:

The WPvivid Homepage.

Automatic backups are widely considered a WordPress best practice. WPvivid enables you to set a backup schedule and grants you full control of the process. You can save your backups with the top cloud storage providers including Dropbox and Google Drive, and restore your site with one click if something goes wrong.

Plus, WPvivid includes an easy-to-use site migration feature that will help you transfer your WordPress site to a new domain. This will enable you to avoid the time-consuming process of transferring your site manually, and the cost of paying your host to do it.

In addition to managing these tasks, WPvivid provides the following features:

  • Support for large databases (tested up to two Gigabits).
  • Control over backup limits.
  • Backup splitting to manage file size.
  • No file size limits (except those of your storage or hosting providers).
  • The ability to create local backups.
  • Temporary and junk file cleanup.
  • The ability to choose what gets backed up (the entire site, only site files, or just the database).
  • Downloadable backup copies.
  • Instant email notifications after back up completion.
  • An activity log for easy troubleshooting.

WPvivid Backup Plugin is free to download and use from the WordPress Plugin Directory. A premium version with additional features is in the works. However, these core features will remain free to use on your WordPress site.

A Look at WPvivid’s One-Click Transfer Feature

It may not be obvious how a process as involved as transferring your WordPress site to a new domain can be done in one click. To clear things up, we’ll demonstrate this particular WPvivid Backup Plugin feature.

Before you get started with the plugin, you’ll need a WordPress installation on the new domain you want to transfer your site to. Once both your original and destination sites are ready, install WPvivid on both of them.

You can do this via the Plugin Directory, or by going to Plugins > Add New in your WordPress dashboard and searching for WPvivid. Then click on the Install and Activate buttons:

Activating the WPvivid plugin.

With the plugin activated on both sites, head over to the destination (new) domain. In the WordPress dashboard, navigate to WPvivid > Key in the sidebar. Use the dropdown to set the expiration period for the migration key, then click on the Generate button:

Generating a migration key in WPvivid.

Copy the key once it’s been generated. Back on your original site, select WPvivid > Auto-Migration from the dashboard sidebar. Then paste the key in the specified field:

The Auto-Migration settings in WPvivid.

You can then use the radio buttons to select whether you wish to transfer your entire site, site files only, or just the site database. If you’re moving your whole site to a new domain, you’ll likely want to select the Database + Files (Entire website) option.

As the plugin notes here, for best results you’ll want to deactivate a few plugins temporarily while completing the transfer. These include any 301 redirect plugins, firewall and security plugins, and caching plugins.

Once the necessary plugins are deactivated and all your settings and site key are in place, you can click on the blue Transfer button to begin the automatic migration. In the event the transfer fails, WPvivid also lists steps for transferring your site manually.


Moving your WordPress site to a new domain manually is tedious and time-consuming. Plus, if you aren’t careful, there’s always the chance you might accidentally lose your site’s files or database in the process, which would spell disaster for your website.

WPvivid provides a simple automatic backup solution for WordPress. You can rest assured that your site backups are safe with your preferred cloud storage provider. Even better, it provides a free way to transfer your WordPress site to a new domain with just one click.

Are you a WPvivid Backup Plugin User? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below!

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay.

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